Water Management Program Checklist

How effective is your water management plan?

>  Is your on-site staff and/or landscape maintenance contractor competent and professional? Are they up-to-date and experienced with the latest advances in technology and new research? They should be knowledgeable about the local area and historical site conditions.  This would include soil type, precipitation patterns, etc.  They should be familiar with the latest water conservation requirements.

>  Is it part of your existing contract that staff and site maintenance contractors reduce water use?  Most-likely your contracts state simply that the site will be kept lush and green.  In this case, most employees and contractors end up over-watering in order to achieve the “lush and green.”  Irrigation specialists are able to adjust the parameters in your watering program to keep your landscape healthy AND save water.

>  When was your irrigation system installed, and has there been changes to your site since installation?  Recently there has been significant advancement in technology and more efficient landscape watering.  Most likely your system was designed to keep things green and not necessarily conserve water while doing so. Low heads, clogged nozzles, etc. further reduce the efficiency of your system.  At the very least, all nozzles should have matched precipitation rates.  Your controller should be up-to-date with SMART technology and several water conservation features.

>  Are your plants grouped into appropriate hydrozones?  Low-water use plants should be grouped with other low-water use plants.  High-water-use plants should be grouped only with high-water-use plants.

>  Are your plants low-water use plantings or native, drought-tolerant plants?

>  What type of turf is at your site? Do you have unnecessary or unused portions of turf that can be removed?

>  What are the soil conditions at your site?  What soil amendments can be incorporated to enhance plant health and decrease water needs.

>  What is your average site water use?  What is your actual site water use budget?  Is anyone monitoring your water bills for indications of leaks and other needed repairs?


Visit our Water Management Portfolio to see how we have addressed these issues with our accounts to achieve HUGE water savings.

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