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As members of the irrigation industry, we are in the business of water. But, as citizens of California our concern over the consumption of water extends beyond our professional walls. The need for water conservation practices by residents and businesses is critically important as we enter our fourth year of severe drought in California. We must all help to preserve this precious resource.

Most of California is now considered to be in a “D4 Exceptional Drought” according to the National Drought Mitigation Center ( This means that the moisture deficit is bad enough to have long-term physical effects including widespread crop and pasture losses, and shortages of water in reservoirs, streams and wells leading to water emergencies. We have all witnessed this in our local bodies of water throughout the state.

Surprisingly, water used for landscape irrigation is the single largest use of municipal water supplies. So, as our water supplies decrease how can we allocate enough water to continue to maintain a healthy, vibrant landscape? Especially when the demand for water for landscape irrigation seems insignificant compared to the need for water for human consumption, health and safety, and food production. Why is it so important for us to keep our landscapes and green spaces?

The irrigation specialists at The Frog Hollow Green Group, Inc. have the answers and we would like to share them with you. Please join us in our “Save Our Water” series as we discuss these solutions and introduce our proven system to reduce irrigation water usage by 30% to 50%.


“Save Our Water” Series Topics:

  • Why are Landscapes Important?
  • Ways to Reduce Water Consumption in your Landscape
  • Retrofitting your System with the Water-Saving Technology
  • Zone Parameters and the Effect on Water Needs
  • The Frog Hollow’s Water Management Program

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