Mandatory 25% Water Use Reductions In Effect

On April 1, the Governor of California issued an executive order to save water, increase enforcement, streamline government response and invest in new technologies – all in response to the worsening drought conditions statewide.  The State Water Resources Control Board has been directed to implement MANDATORY reductions in water use by 25% (as compared to the amount used in 2013).

To achieve this 25% reduction, the order includes:

> Replacing 50 million square feet of turf throughout California with drought-tolerant landscaping (with funding available for underserved communities).

> Requiring campuses, golf courses, cemeteries and other large landscapes to make significant cuts in water use to also meet the 25% reduction from usage in 2013.

> Prohibiting new homes from irrigating unless it is a water-efficient drip system or micro-spray system.

> Implementing “conservation pricing” from local water agencies to discourage water waste, which includes surcharges, fees and penalties.

> Requiring monthly reporting of water usage, conservation and enforcement actions by local water suppliers.

> Offering incentives for new water-efficient technology including irrigation system timing and precision technology.

For the full executive order, click here:

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